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Offer Contracts

This document outlines what Offer Contracts are, how to add them and what they are used for.

What is an Offer Contract?

Offer Contracts are a variation of the Offer. They can have different landing pages, geotargeting, payINs (or price received values) and using Offer Contracts allows you to use 1 tracking pixel instead of having to set up multiple Offers and multiple pixels.

How to add an Offer Contract

Click the Add button while in the Contracts Tab of the Offer Card

  • Name: The Name of the Offer Contract is required. The unique Name of the Offer Contract is not shown to the Affiliates in their Portal, but you can choose to make the Offer Contract name visible in SETTINGS > AFFILIATE PORTAL SETTINGS
  • Price Format: Offer Contracts can have a different Price Format than the Original Offer. This is useful for networks that have both a CPA and a CPC version of their Offers.
  • Price Received: Offer Contracts can have a different Price Received than the Original Offer. Often times an Advertiser may want to pay you a different amount depending on the source of the traffic (per partner or for different countries or devices) giving you the flexibility of tracking different payins for different campaigns.
  • Payout: Offer Contracts can have a different default Affiliate payout than the Original Offer. This is especially useful when using Affiliate Tiers.
  • Offer Link: Offer Contracts can have a different landing page than the default This is useful when wanting to assign unique landing pages to specific Affiliates or when there are specific landing pages for devices or countries.
  • Thank you Link: This is an optional field - but Offer Contracts can have a different Thank You Link than the default.
  • Hidden: Checking the Hidden check box will hide that Offer Contract from being visible in the Affiliate Portal.

    ***If an Offer Contract is NOT 'Hidden' status, CAKE will only show 1 Offer Contract per Price Format in the Affiliate Portal. The Contract shown will be the 1st listed (created) for that price format***

Then, click the Save Button.

How to Edit an Offer Contract

Clicking on the notepad icon next to the Contract displays the list of editable Offer Contract values:

  • Targeting: When an Offer Contract has been added, the Targeting will say "Fallback" which means that it's leveraging the targeting rules on the default Contract. If you want to override the targeting for this contract specifically, click on "Fallback" and it will take you to the Traffic tab where you can update the targeting for that Contract specifically. This is a required field.


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