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Thank You Link

This lesson will show you how to use the Thank You Link for Host-n-Post and 3rd Party Offers.

Where to find the Thank You Link

The Thank You Link is located just beneath the Offer Link on the 'Info' tab of the Offer Card.

On an Offer Contract, you can find it towards the bottom just below the targeting method.

Host-n-Post Offers - Thank You Link

Upon a successful lead submission on Host-n-Post Offers, cupCAKE responds via XML with a Success Response, the Lead ID and the Redirect URL. If Cake does not receive a dynamic Redirect URL from the Buyer, the Thank You link is used*. Therefore, the location of where you want the user to be redirected, is the URL that you place for the Thank You Link.

For Host-n-Post Offers only, Lead Data can be dynamically included on the Thank You Link using Lead Field Tokens such as #first_name# and #email_address#. You can also include non-lead data such as the Affiliate ID: #affid#. This will help you to personalize the thank you page for the user. Example: If you collected First Name (Jeff), you can tokenize that in the Thank You Link, so when the user lands on that page, it will say "Thank You, Jeff."

*When no dynamic Thank You link is received from the Buyer response, the Buyer Contract default Thank You Link is used. The Offer's Thank You Link if there is no Buyer Contract specific Thank You Link.

3rd Party Offers - Thank You Link

On a 3rd Party Offer, the Thank You Link will redirect a consumer to a specified URL if the user clicks on a tracking link after they have converted within the cookie period. There is no Offer associated to the Thank You Link. For example, if your Offer is for a gift card, and the user already converted, you can send them to the URL for the main website. Users will only be sent to the Thank You Link if there are no Upsells associated with the Offer or Vertical. Unlike Hosted and Host-n-Post offers, you are not able to dynamically include any Lead Data on the Thank You Link.

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