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Offers - Info Tab - cupCAKE

The Name of the Offer can be changed at any time. This will not affect tracking.

The Vertical field, which is used to categorize Offers, shows the Vertical the Offer is in and is a required field.  If need be, the Vertical can be changed by selecting a new Vertical from the drop down.

The Offer Link is the redirect link provided by the Advertiser. Most Advertisers want to be passed Affiliate ID, Sub IDs and other values dynamically.
- Refer to cupCAKE’s token list for potential tokens to be used in the Offer Link.
- Hover over Settings and click on Show Tokens.

The Thank You Link is the location where users will be sent post Conversion.
- Users who click on the same tracking link within the defined Click Cookie Days will be redirected to the Thank You Link.  If no Thank You Link is present, users will redirect to the Global Redirect.

The SSL check box can be checked or unchecked at any time.

Info Tab - continued (scroll down)


The Received field can be changed at any time. This directly affects the Revenue for this Offer and will affect Reporting in real time.

The Default Payout field can be changed at any time. Changing the value in this field will NOT affect Active Campaigns.

The Status of an Offer can be changed at any time.
- Changing an Offer from Private, Apply To Run or Public to Private, Apply To Run or Public will not affect an Affiliate that already has an Active Campaign.
- Changing an Offer to Inactive will prohibit an Affiliate that had an Active Campaign from opening the Offer Card and will redirect any traffic to the Offer Redirect, Vertical Redirect or the Global Redirect depending on the settings in place.


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