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Affiliates - Campaigns Tab

The Campaigns tab in the Affiliate card shows a list of all the Offers an Affiliate is running. That unique relationship between the Offer and the Affiliate is the Campaign in cupCAKE.

Clicking the name of the Campaign will open the Campaign card.

This view indicates:

  • Original: Showing a green dot if a Campaign is original, red if it's a non-original campaign
  • Type: Media type (this list is editable in Set Up > Other Lists)
  • Paid: Unless you have lead-gen enabled, this column will always be green. This can be changed with lead-gen Campaigns in which case it would display red.
  • Created: The date the Campaign was created
  • Status: Will display green if Active / yellow if Pending / red if Inactive
  • Delete Button: this button which looks like a stop sign will delete Campaigns from the interface. Traffic sent to a deleted Campaign will be redirected to the Global Redirect.


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