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Vertical - Offer Tab

The Offer Tab of the Vertical card lists all of the Offers that are associated to that Vertical.


1) Name: This column will display a list of every Offer within this particular Vertical.  The icon to the left of the name will represent the Status of the Offer, which can also be seen in the Status column (3).  You can click on the name of the Offer to open up the Offer Card.

2) Advertiser: This column will display the related Advertiser to each Offer. The colored dot to the left of the Advertiser indicates the Advertiser's Status. You can click on the name of the Advertiser to open up the Advertiser Card.

3) Status: This is the Status related to the Offer.  In the example above, both Offers are Apply To Run.

4) Link: This is a hyperlink connected to the Preview URL set for each Offer.

5) SSL: This column indicates whether or not the Offer has the SSL feature enabled.  A green dot will indicate that SSL has been enabled.  A red dot will indicate that SSL has not been enabled.

6) Created: This will indicate the date the Offer was created.

7) The red icon is the Delete Button.  This will allow you to delete individual Offers.  

8) Add Offer: Pressing this button will open the Add Offer Wizard where you can create a completely new Offer.

9) Export: Pressing this button will allow you to Export the Offer Grid that you are viewing in this Tab.  

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