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Offers - How to upload a Thumbnail - cupCAKE

Every Offer can support 1 Thumbnail image. This image can be seen in the Offer Card while being in the Admin Portal and the Offer Card in the Affiliate Portal.
The ideal size of the Offer Thumbnail is 300x215.

The Offer Thumbnail is intended to give an Affiliate an example of a Creative or the landing page.

To upload an Offer Thumbnail:
- Click on the Upload Thumbnail button located on the Home Tab in the Offer Card.
- Click on the Add File(s) button and select the thumbnail from your computer.
- Click on the Upload File(s) button once the image has been added.

The Affiliate can view the full Thumbnail while in the Offer Card.

A small image will show directly in the Card but hovering hover the thumbnail will reveal a larger, full version of the Thumbnail.
Clicking on the thumbnail will redirect to the Preview Link if one is available.

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