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Campaigns - Info Tab

The Info tab on the Campaign Card contains all the basic information regarding the campaign.

  • Media Type: This drop down will contain the media type chosen during the Campaign creation. By default this can be changed at any time, but if 'Original Campaigns by Media Type' is enabled, it cannot be changed once the Campaign has been created.
  • Offer Contract: The Offer Contract that a Campaign is associated to. Like media types, the Offer Contract can be changed at any time as well making it easy to change the payIN or the landing page on the fly but if 'Original Campaign by Offer Contract' is enabled, the Offer Contract cannot be changed once the Campaign has been created.
  • Payout/Percentage: The payout that your Affiliate is receiving per conversion, based on the price format of the Campaign. This can be changed at any time affecting all conversions that come in after the update but not before.
  • Status:  Campaigns are either Active, Inactive or Pending.
    • The only status that will allow live traffic to be sent to it is Active.
    • Inactive will force any traffic still being sent to that Campaign to redirect to the Campaign-level Offer redirect if there is one. If there is not a Campaign-level Offer redirect specified we will look to the Offer, then Vertical, then Global Redirect.
    • Pending status can be applied manually when Campaigns are created but more likely, it is the status assigned to all Apply to Run Campaigns until they are either rejected or approved. To find these Campaigns go to the Affiliates main tab > Applied > Campaigns


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