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Campaigns - Pixel Tab

The Pixel tab of the Campaign Card is where your Affiliates' conversion pixel(s) are placed for this specific Campaign.

  • Pixel: This is where a user can place their Affiliate's HTML conversion pixel.  Multiple Pixels can be placed in this text box.
  • Postback URL: This is where a user can place their Affiliate's server pixel or postback URL.  Only 1 postback URL can be placed here, and if you are given a pixel that is only a URL with no additional HTML components it's strongly advised to place that in the postback field so that cupCAKE processes it accordingly. IF a postback is placed, cupCAKE will call the postback first.
  • Postback Delay: This allows a user to specify (in milliseconds) the time to delay firing the postback. It's particularly helpful if your Affiliate is using both a postback and an HTML pixel and wants to ensure that the HTML pixel is called first.


*cupCAKE will inform a user that pixels "Must be HTTPS" if the SSL feature is enabled on the Offer.

To see available tokens that can be used in a third party pixel, you can hover over 'Set Up' and click on 'Show Tokens'.
If your Affiliate pixel has a placeholder for some type of order ID, transaction ID, or confirmation # of some kind, we strongly suggest the first token in the list - #leadid# 

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