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Offers - Traffic Tab

This lesson outlines the Traffic Tab of the Offer card which controls all allowed and non-allowed traffic per Offer.

There are 2 sub-tabs on the Traffic tab. Targeting and Media Types.


When an Offer is first created, there is no targeting enabled so the Targeting tab will have 'None' displayed as the targeting method meaning that all traffic is allowed. You have 2 options when it comes to restricting traffic to the Offer.

  1. Geo Targeting
  2. Rules


Geo Targeting allows you to select a country or multiple countries as allowed, redirecting all traffic from outside those countries.
This targeting method accounts for a country-level setting only so if you have additional targeting requirements or need to go a level deeper and target by region or state, you should use RULES instead of GEO.

  • Users clicking on a cupCAKE Unique Link from an IP Address of an allowed country will redirect to the landing page as intended.
  • Users clicking on a cupCAKE Unique Link from an IP Address of a disallowed country will redirect to a specified GeoTargeting redirect offer if one has been added. Otherwise the user will be redirected through the redirect strategy listed a little further down. Click this article for more information.

To apply Geo Targeting

  1. First change the filter to 'Geo' and click Apply
  2. Click 'Click to Change' and find the countries that you want to allow
  3. Select the countries that you want to allow (you can multi-select)
  4. Click 'Allow Selected'

At this point, the allowed countries will have a green dot in the 'Allowed' column and you can sort by this column as well to bring all of your allowed countries to the top. If you need to edit an existing GeoTargeting setting, you can click and click 'Disallow Selected'

You can apply a designated redirect Offer for disallowed countries by clicking on 'Set Default GeoTargeting Redirect Offer'

Otherwise cupCAKE will try to redirect the user to the redirect Offer starting at the Campaign level and depending on whether that Offer allows for traffic from that country or not, we will continue through the redirect path (Offer, then Vertical, then Global Redirect).


For any targeting more advanced than country-level targeting you will want to use RULES instead.
This allows for targeting by these criteria and allows for a region or state-level geotargeting instead of at the country-level which is what Geo allows you to do.

To add rules:

  1. Select 'Rules' from the drop-down and click Apply
  2. You can either apply an existing rule that's been created by being set as 'Shared' or you can add a new rule by clicking 'New Rule'

For more information on RULES, see this article.

Media Types

An Offer can be associated ALL or specific Media Types.
This is not a targeting feature in that CAKE doesn't redirect any traffic based on what's specified here, but allowing specific Media Types can be used as a tool to inform Affiliates of media type restrictions (i.e. banner only).

By default, all Media Types are allowed for an Offer.
To change, click 'Click to change', select your allowed media types and click 'Allow Selected'.

This will be reflected as green dots in the 'Allowed' column.

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