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Offers - Redirect Tab (cupCAKE)

This lesson will outline things that can be controlled through the Redirect tab on the Offer card.

  • Conversion Behavior On Redirect: This allows you to choose how to handle a Conversion that has been tracked after a redirect situation has occurred.  For example: A Conversion has been tracked after the Offer has been made Inactive because the user was cookied before the Offer was made Inactive.
  • Redirect Offer: This is a drop down containing every Offer that can be selected as the Redirect Offer. In an Offer Redirect situation, users will be redirected to the Offer of choice. If no Offer is chosen, users will be redirected to the Vertical Redirect.
  • Redirect 404: Checking this box will redirect users directly to a 404 page as opposed to an Offer chosen from the Redirect Offer drop down.
  • Redirect Domain: This allows you to select a Redirect Domain from a dropdown*
  • Conversions From Whitelist Only: If you added whitelisted IP's for Conversion Pixels, checking this check-box will only allow Conversion Pixels coming from those whitelisted IP's.

* Redirect Domains will only be visible if one has been added to your instance.


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