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The Search Engine in cupCAKE

This document will explain the cupCAKE Search Engine and its use.


The Search Engine

The cupCAKE search engine is one of the most powerful tools as it is a full content search.  The search results will initially display all items that contain either the name or the ID of what was searched.

For instance, if you searched the number 1, you'll see all results for any entity with the number 1 in its ID or name.  You'll also get any entity which has the number 1 in the notes.


Within the search results, you'll also noticed that there is a sub-menu on the left where you can narrow down your results by object.  Let's say, with the results above, that you only want to view affiliates with the number 1 in the name, ID or notes.  Simply click the Affiliates sub-menu button on the left and the results will be narrowed down to only show affiliates.


In essence, anything in the system from contacts to conversion ID's to notes can be searched by using the cupCAKE Search Engine.  It is a highly powerful and highly recommended tool.

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