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Advertisers - Suppression Lists Tab (How to Add a Suppression List)

The Suppression Lists tab allows a user to upload a hosted suppression list.

Suppression Lists are added at the Advertiser level because your Advertiser may be using a list for more than 1 of their Offers, so adding it at this level allows you to add lists that can later be applied to multiple Offers.



Primary Offer: This will provide a list of Offers related to the Advertiser for the purpose of applying this new Suppression List to the Offer. This list may also be applied to other Offers from the same Advertiser from the Offer directly.

Location: While cupCAKE doesn't allow you to physically upload a suppression file, there is an option for suppression file location where an Affiliate can access and/or download the suppression file.

A Suppression List can be modified after it has been built by clicking on the name of the List.


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