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Advertiser Portal in cupCAKE

This document will walk you through the Advertiser Portal within cupCAKE; including how to access the Advertiser portal and what it includes.

The Advertiser Portal allows your Advertisers to see how well their offers are performing to compare against their internal reporting, or to perform certain actions like grab conversion pixels or test Offers. The portal is a simple and concise way to see all the important reporting and conversion information for their offers.


Advertiser Contact - Login Information

In order to give an Advertiser the ability to log in to their portal, you first must create a contact for them within their Advertiser card.
An Advertiser contact must have a username (their email address) and a password to be able to log in.
To provide them with their login credentials, simply click the 'Send Login Info' button to email the contact directly with their details.

Advertiser Portal - Dashboard

On the main page of the Advertiser Portal, you will find an Offer Summary which will show the aggregate stats of their Offers. On the right is a Performance window, showing revenue stats for a variety of pre-set time frames.

Advertiser Portal - Offers

From the Offers sub-tab, your Advertiser can see all of their Offers, the Vertical they are associated with (according to your set up), along with 2 clickable links.

  1. Get Conversion Pixel
  2. Test Offer


Clicking the "Get Conversion Pixel" hyperlink will bring up the 4 supported pixels for that specific Offer.

  • Iframe: the recommended HTML pixel version as it's the most compatible with third party pixels (Iframe / Javascript / Image / Postback)
  • Javascript: an alternate to the Iframe which can also piggyback all third party pixels (Iframe / Javascript / Image / Postback)
  • Image: NOT recommended and should only be used as a last resort for HTML pixels as it has no piggybacking capabilities
  • Postback (or server to server) URL: a server-side pixel. Strongly recommended for its fraud-prevention capabilities but can only piggyback other postback URL's. Postbacks CAN NOT fire other HTML pixels.


The "Test Offer" hyperlink opens a new tab with the testing instructions page for that Offer. Both steps in section 1 are recommended for testing, but test mode automatically defaults price received and price paid to $0 so please disable test mode when testing RevShare Offers. Additionally turning off test mode will enable any targeting rules in place for your Offer.



Advertiser Portal - Reports

In the Reports tab of the Advertiser portal, you will find 3 different reports:

  1. Daily Summary
  2. SubAffiliate Summary report (if enabled in Advertiser Portal Settings)
  3. Conversion Report


Advertiser Portal Settings

As a cupCAKE client, you have a few options as to what you would like to show your Advertiser in their portal.
Advertiser Portal settings can be found in the Set Up main tab, under 'Advertiser Portal Settings'. From here, you can make changes to their accessibility.


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