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How to Test a Specific Creative Link

CAKE's test pages (on the offer and campaign) test the default offer link for that Offer. In order to test a specific creative link, you need to go test it through a campaign.

What you're testing

This is the creative-specific tracking link that you're using for that creative. It is visible in the "Link Override" column in the creatives tab.

Make sure that there is a campaign created for the Offer

Generate a campaign link for the creative you want to test

1. Click "Generate Link" on the campaign card
2. Select the creative you want to test, then 'NEXT' to generate the link
3. Copy the link

Test the campaign with the link you just generated

1. Clear cookies
2. Enable test mode
3. But instead of clicking on the test link on the page which would direct you to the default landing page, open a new tab or window and enter the creative-specific link you copied from the previous step
4. Test the campaign through to the thank you page

Check your Test Page for your test results

Your test page should have your click and conversion results as shown above.

You can also download the creative and open that creative in your browser, click on the creative (banner or email) to go to the landing page and test that way as well.

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