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Transaction ID

The Transaction ID parameter passed in the t parameter in the CAKE Basic conversion pixel is your Advertiser's opportunity to pass a unique value associated to the conversion to CAKE so that you can tell your conversions apart, and audit your conversions against theirs.

Example conversion pixel URL :

So if a given month, if you recorded 10 conversions and your Advertiser recorded 8 - you could pinpoint which 2 conversions account for the discrepancy based on matching up the transaction ID's in your report with your Advertiser's reports.

Where does the Transaction ID show in reporting?

If you received a transaction ID of 'c1' per the conversion pixel above, that 'c1' value would display in 2 places.

The first is in the conversion report under the "Transaction ID" column.

To find the Conversion Report click on either the Advertisers or Affiliates main tab > Stats > Offers or Campaigns and by clicking on the hyperlinked conversion count to open up a smaller window with the conversion report.

Within the conversion report, you can also click on the hyperlinked values in the Unique ID column as well. This number is CAKE Basic's conversion or lead ID assigned by CAKE at the time of the conversion. The transaction ID is also displayed on the conversion card within the Sale Info tab.

* Please note that on a lead card, this will only display IF a conversion pixel is received after the lead is received. In order to receive pixels, you must be licensing the Affiliate license of CAKE Basic.

You can also use the main search bar on the top left of your instance to search for specific Transaction IDs, then narrow down your search by selecting the Conversion sub tab.


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