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How To Use The Affiliate Portal – cupCAKE

This lesson will walk you through how to navigate the affiliate portal.

On the far left hand side you will be able to see who your dedicated account manager is, as well as their contact information.  Your network or advertiser might also decide to show you a featured offer.  If they do, that offer will show here.

You will also see a list of tabs, which will take you to different sections of your affiliate portal.

At the top of your dashboard is your Reporting API button.  If you click this button, you will be able to see your Affiliate ID and API Key, as well as links to various account settings and APIs.

Campaign summary and performance will always be in your affiliate portal.  Anything else that shows in your dashboard is customizable by your network or advertiser.

To view offers, simply click on the offers tab to the left.  This will show you a list of all offers that you have access to.  You can search for offers by name, or you can filter based on tags, statuses, verticals, or media types.

A status of Active means you already have access to this offer.  Public means you can pick up this offer and run it immediately.  Apply to Run means you can request permission from your Account Manager to run the offer, and a status of pending means you have requested to run the offer and are awaiting approval.



To open up an offer card, simply click on the name of the offer.  Here you will be able to see a description of the offer, and any restrictions.  You can get the creatives for this offer by clicking on the creatives tab.  You have the option of downloading the creatives to your computer, or emailing the creatives to yourself.



Under the email tab you will find the unsubscribe link, and can download the suppression list by clicking the download suppression list link.  You will also have access to available from and subject lines here.



 The testing and tracking tab allows you to place your own pixel.  There is a list of tokens to the left that you can use to pass various pieces of information in your pixel.  You can also test the campaign by placing a test link in the test link section, and clicking on test offer.


Selecting the Reports tab will take you to your available reports.  Your daily summary will show you a breakdown of all traffic broken out per day.  You have the ability to pick a specific offer or campaign, as well as a pre-selected date range or any custom date range you would like.


The sub affiliate summary will show you a report on all of your sub affiliates.  You can edit this report based on offers, campaigns, and date range as well.

Your conversion report will show you a breakdown of all conversions, including the conversion ID, Date, campaign, sub id’s 1-5, and the price you received.  Again, you can edit this report by offer, campaign and date range.

And finally you have your click report, which will show you a list of all clicks you have generated in the specified time frame.

The account info tab will allow you to edit and change your account information, including your password, payment and contact information, and information regarding the types of offers that you run.

Your alerts tab will allow you to subscribe to receive various alerts that your network or advertiser has created.  To subscribe to an alert, select the checkbox to the left of the alert and click subscribe.  This will send you an email notification whenever that alert is triggered.

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