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Where to Find Test Conversions

There are multiple ways to find test conversions in CAKE Basic.

Tests done in "Test Mode"

When using our test pages and test mode is enabled, the clicks are marked as tests and conversions that result from test clicks are also marked as tests. These conversions will be recorded at $0 price received and $0 price paid, and are excluded from most standard reports by default.

* Please note that all offer-level tests not associated to a campaign will always be marked as tests regardless of whether test mode is enabled or not.


In the following sections, we will show you where and how to find these test stats.

"Testing" Sub Tab


The easiest way to locate your test results would be to go to the "Testing" sub tab located in either the Advertiser or Affiliate Tabs.  This area is essentially a copy of the click and conversion reports located in the Reports tab, but filtered to tests only.

You will notice that all of these conversions are $0 and marked as tests in the 'Test' column, displayed using green dots. The Unique ID's match the Unique ID listed on your test page when a conversion is successfully tracked.

Sample conversion info below:
Date Clicked: 12/10/13 5:04:04 PM

Total Clicks: 1
Date Converted: 12/10/13 5:14:42 PM

Test Lead: Yes

Unique ID: 3271193
affiliate_pixel_fired: No

Transaction ID: hiconversion

What if I didn't enable test mode?

If test mode is not enabled, you will have to find your 'test' conversion either by 1) the Conversion or Lead ID or 2) by some other identifying factor (transaction ID, IP or some other unique value). Once located, right-click and select "Mark as Test". This will remove both the price received and price paid and mark the conversion as a test - removing that conversion from regular reporting.

This will also remove that conversion from being listed as a 'paid' conversion in the master reports.

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