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How to upload Creatives - One at a Time & Batch Upload - CAKE Basic


Creatives: The Advertising assets that a network provides to Affiliates for the purpose of generating traffic to their Offer.

CAKE supports 4 different types of Creatives:

  • Link: Simply a link that can be provided to an Affiliate that will redirect to the Offer Link.
  • Email: Intended to be used in an Email and can be either an HTM, HTML or TXT file. CAKE will dynamically find HREF links in the content of the file for the purpose of replacing them with one of two tokens; #url# or #unsub#.
    • #url#: This token will replace the Offer Link in the Creative with the Affiliate’s Unique Link.
    •  #unsub#: This token will replace the Unsubscribe Link with the provided Unsubscribe Link in the Offer.
  • Image: CAKE will support any image file type such as a .png, .jpg, .gif etc.
  • Flash: Shockwave Files (.swf) should be uploaded for this Creative type.

Step 1

There are two different import methods of Creatives:

  • Add Creative: The Add Creative button is located in the Creative Tab of the Offer Card and allows for the upload of individual creatives. This import tool support any of the Creative types.
  • Batch Creative Upload: The Batch Creative Upload button is also located in the Creative Tab of the Offer Card and allows for multiple Image or Flash Creative types to be uploaded at one time.  NOTE: creative names are limited to 50 characters total.  If conducting a batch upload and selecting the option to retain naming conventions of the creative files, you will want to ensure the names are less than 50 characters so that they upload properly to the system.

Step 2

  • Choose your creative type
  • Set the creative status
    • Active – All affiliates with access to this offer can run this creative.
    • Inactive – The creative is not available for use and if a link running this creative is clicked on CAKE will redirect the user.  Depending on your Offer settings, the user may redirect to another active offer/offer contract or be sent to your Global Redirect.  In the Affiliate Portal the creative will appear greyed out.
    • Hidden – This creative is Active, but Affiliates will not be able to see the creative unless you specifically provide it to them.
  • Name: The name that you give this creative will show to both you and your Affiliates.  Names are limited to 50 characters.
  • Click Next button.

Step 3

  • Review your selections. If everything is correct click Finish. 
  • At this point a new window will open up where you can upload your creative(s).

Step 4



  • Click the Add File(s) button.
  •  ***CAKE has the ability to Cloud Host Media Files. If you choose to host your own images, they will need to be hosted on an external server or provided to the Affiliate for hosting***
  • Once the file(s) have been chosen, click the Upload File(s) button and then Finish.
  • The Creative card will open automatically.
  • You have the ability to alter previous information, such as the Name, Type and Status from this card.


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