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Passing (Pre-Pop) Values to the Offer Link

This document outlines how to pass additional parameters through on the CAKE Basic Unique Link if your advertiser has specified that prepopulating the form is possible (or preferred).

Passing Additional Parameters on the CAKE Basic Unique Link

Suppose an advertiser wants to prepopulate their forms with data passed in their landing page URL string using the following schema:<email_address>&phone=<home_phone>...

   email = Email Address
   phone = Home Phone
   f_name = First Name
   l_name = Last Name
   product_id = Product ID #

CAKE Basic allows these parameters to be appended to our unique link to be passed through to your advertiser. When CAKE receives any parameters that aren't explicitly CAKE parameters (a=,c=,s1=,etc.) we will simply pass them along to the end of the offer link. There is no need to collect these values as subID fields in order to pass them through. Simply add instructions indicating that to prepopulate the form, append the values to the end of the unique link accordingly.

Offer Link Setup

The Offer Link URL needs no special setup on the Offer card - you do not need to utilize any tokens to pass these prepop parameters to your advertiser's offer link.

When CAKE Basic receives additional parameters as shown above, we will simply append them to the offer link indicated on the offer card.

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