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Tokens in the Offer Link

The Offer Link is the landing page URL CAKE is redirecting the consumer to (generally provided by your advertiser). Often times, the landing page owner would like certain information passed through to their landing page such as your Affiliate ID. To see possible values that can be passed in the CAKE Basic offer link,  hover over the Set Up main tab and click on 'Show Tokens'.

There is no set method or guide to passing values through to the offer link as the parameters and variables that can be tracked by the site owner vary from site to site and system to system. To confirm the parameters in which to pass values into, check with your advertiser.

Once the parameters are confirmed, you can add tokens - placeholders for values that will be dynamically populated by CAKE - by adding the token into the corresponding parameter after the = sign.

CAKE Basic's token structure involves having a hashtag (#) on either end of the token name.

Example Offer Link with Tokens:

     Original offer link:

     Link updated with tokens:


* Please note that not ALL values can be passed in the offer link. For example - the lead ID token (#leadid#) which is the value CAKE Basic assigns to a conversion or lead when it is tracked in the system, does not exist until a conversion is tracked so it cannot be passed to the offer link. Similarly, the transaction ID (#tid#) which is the value CAKE receives from the advertiser in the conversion pixel (t=) also is unknown at the time of the click and cannot be passed into the offer link. When invalid tokens are used in the offer link, when CAKE Basic tries to redirect the link, the link will break at the hashtag and you may see an unexpected redirect URL.

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