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Impression Tracking in CAKE Basic

This document will walk through the following:

- How impressions are tracked in CAKE Basic

- How to generate an impression pixel

- Impression reporting


How Impressions Are Tracked in cupCAKE

CAKE Basic uses a 1x1 image pixel to track impressions or 'views' - tracking an impression each time an impression pixel fires. Our CPM price format which records a conversion with every 1000 impressions requires that an impression pixel is generated and then placed either in the ad-server or directly in the creative so that it loads when a consumer views the advertisement.  This poses the question "How do we provide an impression pixel to our affiliates?"


How to Generate an Impression Pixel

There are two ways to provide an affiliate with an impression pixel:

  1. Generate an impression pixel and send it to them.
  2. Insert the impression pixel directly into the HTML creative code if a .htm file exists for that creative


1.  Generate an Impression Pixel:

To generate an impression pixel, hover over the Affiliates main tab > Pixels > Generate Impression Pixel.  This will open the Generate an Impression Pixel Wizard.  Fill in the required fields and click Next to generate the impression pixel. An impression pixel URL, much like a unique link, will include both the affiliate ID and the creative ID.

Affiliate: Pick the affiliate that the impressions should track under.

Campaign: Pick the campaign the impressions should track under.

Creative: Pick the creative the impressions should track under.

Use In Email?: This is an optional field and can be checked if the creative is HTML.


2. Insert the Impression Pixel Directly Into the HTML Creative:

First, open the offer card for the offer in question and click on the Creatives tab.  Then, find the creative you want to apply the impressions to and click the creative name.


After clicking the creative name, the Creative card will open.  Click on the Files tab at the top of the card and in the resulting list of files, click on the line item for the HTML file and click Edit Files.


In the Edit File(s) card, you will see your HTML content in the left column.  At the top of the column is a check box to Insert Impression Pixel.  By clicking that, CAKE will place a token in the HTML which will automatically imbed the impression pixel when the creative is generated for a specific affiliate's campaign.  Once done, click save.



To observe impressions or views in reporting, start by going to a report for an entity that should have impressions.  In the report, you'll notice that there is a Views column which is reporting how many impressions have been tracked.

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