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Paid Redirects in CAKE Basic

This document will show how to choose to pay or not pay for redirects.

Paid or Unpaid Redirects

With every offer or vertical redirect situation, you have the ability to choose whether or not to pay an affiliate for redirected traffic which results in conversions. This decision is made per affiliate and offer.  Therefore, the setting can be found in the campaign card.  

To find the setting, open the campaign card for the offer and affiliate in question.  The campaign card can be found in either the Offer or Affiliate cards.  Once in one of those cards, go to the Campaigns tab and find the campaign you want to change.  Once you click on the name, the Campaign card will open.

Once in the campaign card, go to the Caps sub tab under the Home tab.  There, you will find the checkbox for Paid redirects.  If checked, affiliates will be paid for any conversion resulting from traffic which has been redirected while coming in on that campaign.  If unchecked, affiliates will not be paid for that traffic and the conversion will be attributed to the default internal affiliate.  

Once you have checked or unchecked the box, click Save.  NOTE: this setting is checked and affiliates will be paid by default.


Now, the question is what happens if the affiliate does not have a campaign for the offer that is set up?  In this event, CAKE Basic will automatically create a campaign for the affiliate to track the redirect traffic under.  This also means that the affiliate can now grab links and creatives for that redirect offer.  For this reason, it is a good idea to use a public offer or an offer you don't mind all affiliates having as your redirect offers.

Lastly, some clients never want to pay for redirects.  To ensure that Paid Redirects is turned off on every campaign, you need to disable the global setting.  To do that, go to the main Setup tab and then to the Tracking Settings sub-section.  In those settings, you'll see a checkbox for Paid Redirects.  Uncheck that box, click Save and now, all campaigns will be set to not pay for redirects.

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