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Mobile Targeting Example Setup

CAKE Basic's mobile targeting feature allows you to redirect consumers to optimized landing pages based on specific information about the device they are using. You are able to target 7 different items, which include:

  • User Agent
  • Location
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • ISP
  • Language

In this example, we will identify and target 1) iOS users 2) in New York. If a user falls under that category, CAKE will redirect them to a specific landing page that is set up for that type of traffic. To implement this targeting, follow these instructions:

    1. First, add a new Offer Contract with the corresponding landing page. This landing page may include a specific promotion intended for iOS users in the New York area.
    2. Once the new Offer Contract is added, set the Offer Contract to use rules targeting by clicking into the Traffic tab.

    3. In our example we will be redirecting a specific subset of consumers on campaigns tied to the default offer contract to our second Offer Contract so the rules we are about to apply, will be applied to the default offer contract. We will change the targeting method for this contract to Rules by selecting 'Rules' from the drop-down and selecting Apply. The message in the window beneath should now reflect 'No Rules'.

    4. We will now add the rule targets for our New York - iOS rule by clicking the button on the right for 'New Rule' which will open a new window.
    5. On this new window, first name your rule- we have selected 'iOS / NY'. Next mark it active. Don't worry - nothing will be effective until we save our rule targets.Then select the redirect destination which is our second Offer Contract.

      Now we'll add our actual target criteria. The drop-down just beneath our redirect destination says 'Add Rule Target' - on clicking into that drop-down it will list the target options we can use. We'll first add our Location target by selection Location.

      A new Location window will open allowing us to drill-down into a US state. The globe icon to the left of United States will open a new tab with all the US states (regions is non-US) and we will locate and select New York by clicking on the plus icon. Then click Save.

      Repeat the same process for the operating system. Select Operating System from your target options, add iOS (in this event we'll click on the plus icon next to iOS - we are not selecting a specific OS version) and click Save.

      Our completed rule target window displays all targets which operate on an AND operator, meaning all conditions must be met. Once you're certain your targets are correct, click Create.

      The finished product will display your completed rule within the Traffic tab. Remember, rules operate on the idea that you are selecting the REDIRECT criteria - you are not creating rules for allowed traffic as you may be accustomed to with geotargeting.

Now you're set up is complete and any clicks from NY on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod) will redirect to the 2nd offer contract and be tracked according to any pricing rules set on that contract.

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