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Google Chrome Troubleshooting

If you are unable to view certain aspects of your CAKE Basic instance with Chrome, please try the following:

Workaround A (Issue may be triggered by interactions between antivirus, firewall, other program): Please try disabling and closing your antivirus and firewall temporarily. Keep in mind that simply disabling the software may not stop all background processes or services associated with the software.
(Note: If you are using a software to control or monitor the network, please try disabling and closing it as well.)

Workaround B (Issue may be triggered by extension): If the extension icon appears to the right of the address, right-click on the extension and select Disable. If you don’t see your extensions next to the address bar (you may have hidden the button at some point) please try workaround C instead. If disabling an extension resolves the issue please let us know what the extension is.

Workaround C (Issue may be triggered by a corrupted user profile or a misbehaving extension): Please create a new Chrome user (Wrench > Settings > Users > Add new user), and in the new window associated with this user, visit the webpages that were not loading before.
If that resolves the issue, it’s likely that your local user profile has been corrupted, or you may have a misbehaving extension. If you were previously signed in to Chrome, you can retrieve all your synced data from your Google Account by signing in to Chrome again on the new Chrome user that you created. You will first have to stop sync on the affected Chrome user.

Workaround D (Issue may be triggered by outdated drivers): Check that all your drivers are up to date. One reported workaround has been to update the Logitech driver if you are using a Logitech webcam.

Workaround E: Boot up your computer in Safe Mode; please note that this is referring to your operating system’s Safe Mode, not safe mode features that may be provided by your antivirus software. If you are able to navigate to webpages in Chrome while in Safe Mode, please revisit Workaround A above as the issue is likely triggered by antivirus, firewall or other protection software settings.

Next steps: If Chrome loads webpages after you have tried one or more of these workarounds, please tell us what they are. 

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