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Advertiser Manager Basics

This article focuses on certain basic functions helpful to know as an Advertiser Manager while working in CAKE Basic.

How to create a new Advertiser

1. Go to the Advertiser Main tab and then to your
2. Advertiser sub tab on the left side of the page - this will bring you to your Advertiser Grid.
3. From here you can click the button in the upper right corner of the grid to 'Add Advertiser'.
4. The Add Advertiser wizard will open where you can enter the advertiser name and other basic information although no other fields are required. Click Next, then Finish which will open your new advertiser card.

How to create a new Offer

1. Under the Advertiser main tab, click on the Offers sub tab on the left which will take you to the Offer grid.
2. To add a new Offer you can click the “Add Offer” in the upper right corner of the Offer grid.
3. An Offer Wizard will open and ask for the following information:

  • Name
  • Vertical
  • Advertiser
  • Status : Public / Private / Apply to Run
  • Offer Type
  • Currency
  • Price Format
  • Price Received
  • Price Paid
  • Offer Link
  • SSL

4. Click Next, then Finish which will open your new offer card.

Details on the Offer Card

From the Offer card, you can grab your conversion pixel which must be given to your Advertiser who will place the conversion pixel within the confirmation page of the offer or tracking system they utilize.

You can also set caps from the Caps sub tab on the right. Here you can set click and/or conversion caps and their corresponding interval time periods. Once an offer has met cap, any new incoming traffic is redirected away to the redirect offer you have set on the Redirect tab.

* Please note that the interval "None" looks at the lifetime of the entity the cap is applied to (in this example Offer). A 0 cap value means that no clicks are allowed.


In order to check stats for your Advertisers and their offers, click on the Advertiser Main tab > Stats sub tab. Here you will be able to see click and conversion activity for your Advertisers and their offers.

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