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Affiliate Manager Basics

This article focuses on certain basic functions helpful to know as an Affiliate Manager while working in CAKE Basic.

How to Create an Affiliate

1. Go to the Affiliate Main tab > Affiliates (left-hand navigation) > Add a New Affiliate
2. An Add Affiliate wizard will open and you can add details about the Affiliate. Only the name is required at this time.
3. Click Next, then Finish which will open the new affiliate card.

How to Create a Campaign

1. Go to the Affiliates main tab > Campaigns> Add Campaign
2. A wizard will appear, where all fields are required (Affiliate, Offer, Media Type, Price (Paid), and Status).
3. When you have completed the wizard, the new campaign card will open allowing you to continue with additional setup steps.

Details of the Campaign Card

The Campaign is the one to one relationship between an Offer and an Affiliate. The campaign card contains information specifically pertaining to the affiliate running traffic to that offer including custom payouts (current and future-dated), caps, and event pricing. The campaign also includes a History tab where all activity pertaining to the campaign can be referenced.


In order to check stats for your Affiliates and their campaigns, click on the Affiliates main tab > Stats sub tab on the left navigation. Here you will be able to see click and conversion activity for your Affiliates and their campaigns.

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